Technology is an integral part of education

Technology is an integral part of education

Technology is an integral part of education

The school now adopts a blended learning approach, in which face-to-face interaction is complemented by technologies that support self-study at home. For example, using Flipgrid in a flipped classroom requires students to prepare short videos before class. Teachers can view and promote discussions on videos and course topics in class.

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Technology is an indispensable part of education. It can not only solve the interruption problem quickly, but when pedagogy and technology can cooperate to encourage collaboration, participation and high-quality learning results, educators will achieve the greatest success. The Microsoft Innovation Education expert from Yuen Long Chamber of Commerce Middle School shared how to use the right tools to make teachers more confident in their ability to attract students and assess learning.

"One of the most challenging aspects teachers face when going online is that when we only have a meeting on the screen, our relationship with students will change. Teachers need to pay attention and cannot ignore the social needs of students. The Microsoft team provides The ideal solution, because its integration with many other applications provides flexibility in how I interact with students in distance learning." Wong said. "For example, I want to conduct a quick poll before class to sign in emotionally, chat with students, and even launch games and projects to encourage interaction between students after class. Through the digital footprint of students and their teamwork It’s also very helpful for me to assess the level of participation of students in the action in the middle school, so that I can identify those students who are struggling or who are not in class to provide additional support."

Microsoft Teams and Power BI have made significant progress in the ancient teaching task of assessment. Once sufficient student data is provided, the assessment tool can also perform analysis, so that Yuen Long Chamber of Commerce Middle School can more accurately understand student performance.

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"Now, even if we go back to school, we will continue to organize various activities in the team to supplement the morning on-site classes. I can see that this is still the norm when we are doing hybrids. The digital journey allows us to To provide more customized and personalized learning experiences. Our principal, Yau Chi Leung, also saw the potential and power of technology, and fully supported the adoption of the Microsoft team throughout the school.

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Digital skills have now become the foundation of students’ lifelong success. Another successful technology integration is that Eric Chan, a teacher from the Yinghua Academy, and a Microsoft Innovation Education Scholar and Researcher shared how students learn about STEM and self-learning when technology is part of the classroom learning environment Attitudes are all ways to generate interest, not tools to overcome current uncertainty.


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